Leave Channel Does not Return anything

closeChannel = async (channel) => {
console.log(channel.type, channel?.type === ‘PUBLIC’)
if (channel?.type === ‘PRIVATE’ || channel?.type === ‘PUBLIC’) {
const response = await kitty.leaveChannel({ channel: channel });
if (response?.succeeded) {
} else {

For select public channels, the response is not fired, its not even run. It does enter the function and the channel is public, once the function is called - the function stops. SDK 1.30. This only happens with select channels, my assumption was originally that the user had already left the channel, if so it should still throw a response. However the user is still getting it back from their list.

Thanks for reporting this issue @utradea .

I was able to replicate this on Utradea beta with a certain channel.

The channel is bigger than the 64KB ChatKitty SDK request body size limit due to the base64 encoded PNG image of its creator (81.5kB in total with a 54.4kb image).

The ChatKitty SDK shouldn’t be sending an entire channel to leave the channel in any case, and I’ve fixed that in the latest version 1.30.1. That should resolve this issue.