How to use expo push notifications without consuming CFIs

How to use expo push notifications without consuming CFIs. This shouldn’t be an added cost. Most chat providers have this in their plans. I am guessing they don’t trigger CFIs. Running a push notification through chat function every time the user is offline or every time the user is sent a message is basically a per message cost and that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Integrating external event-based systems like Expo push notifications into ChatKitty require Chat Functions. Chat Functions are a powerful unique ChatKitty feature designed to add server-side logic to your app.

Chat Functions are designed to be invoked frequently, to up thousands of times per second. Think of chat function invocations as no different than making an API call.

What chat providers do you have in mind? How would you integrate Expo push notifications using them?

  1. If not expo push notifications they will have some other form of push notifications when the user is offline. All the chat providers seem to list push notifications (mobile/ web). For online connections it is easy to do without expo/ fcm/ apns in your case and in most cases. I am sure that other chat providers would have solved the problem for push notifications when the user is offline/ app is switched off/ not active. Whether they have used expo/ fcm/ apns/ beams by pusher/ other notification providers/ their own inhouse solution is immaterial.

The primary thing is that push notifications to a user when he/ she is offline/ app is not on is a basic requirement in any chat app. That needs to have a solve. Otherwise it becomes a hidden cost which will leave people scratching their heads. It brings in poor UX.

  1. I agree with you that chat functions are a good functionality. I think I have seen something similar atleast on the surface in some chat providers. I don’t know the business models or pricing in them.