Have private or direct channels with larger number of possible users

Direct channels let users have private conversations with up to 9 other users.

Similarly I have read somewhere the same information about private channels limiting to 9 users.
Which of these is accurate?

  1. The 9 user limit is for private channels is inconvenient. There should be a 256 or 512 user limit same as Whatsapp or other chat apps.

Private channels do not have a limit on their number of members. You can have hundreds, thousands and up to hundreds of thousands of users in both private and public channels.

Direct channels are meant to implement one-to-one or ad hoc conversations with a handful of users directly, without a topic or purpose, hence the direct channel limit. Group channels (public and private) are limitless.

Thank you :slight_smile:. That was helpful. If I come across the document that say private channels have a 9 user limit, I’ll point it out. That was causing the confusion.

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