Can't Update Current User

Calling the code below as explained in the docs doesn’t seem to work. The user’s properties are not updated, and the result does not return a failure indicating something went wrong. I can get it to work through the REST API so maybe I’m doing something wrong.

const result = await kitty.updateCurrentUser(user => { = {
        test: 123

    return user;

console.log(result.succeeded) // Output: true
console.log( // Output: {} <-- Expected: {test:123}

Hey @MrGVSV, kitty.updateCurrentUser( ... ) returns a promise. You have to await the function or use the then function to get the result.

Like this

const result = await kitty.updateCurrentUser((user) => { = {
        test: 123,

      return user;

console.log( // Output: {test:123}

My apologies, I left off the await in the question. I meant to put that. I updated the question.

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Hey @MrGVSV, I’ve tested updating the current user properties with the same code and it’s working. Can you provide some additional context to help me figure this out? You can direct message me a printout of the result object. Thanks