Cannot update currentUser DisplayPicture

              file: {
                uri: fileUri,
                name: name,
                size: picture.size,
                contentType: picture.type,
have this error: [ReferenceError: Property 'atob' doesn't exist]
"@chatkitty/core": "^1.4.0"
"react-native": "0.71.8"
"base-64": "^1.0.0"

Same for me :

ReferenceError: Property ‘atob’ doesn’t exist

configuration :
“chatkitty/core”: “^1.4.0”
“react-native”: “0.71.8”

Need help please !

A workaround for this issue has been found

install base-64 yarn add base-64
and put this at the top of your script:

import {decode, encode} from 'base-64';
if (!global.btoa) {
  global.btoa = encode;

if (!global.atob) {
  global.atob = decode;

now chatkitty will see atob

But after this i got another issue with encode function on my string (avatarUrl)

Thanks Kevin, same for me with Uri
I will use an Url, just like in the documentation. It works correcly.

  file: {
    url: '',
    name: 'jane.png',
    contentType: 'image/png',
    size: 123115

and what about your own avatar uri? it works as expected?