Can we define a roster of users so that the users in that roster are able to see the other users of that roster only?

We want to allow a particular user to discover only a set or roster of users which is linked to him. Other users will have other sets or rosters of users for discovery. A user should not be able to discover users outside his or her roster.


Currently, to implement any kind of group, you’ll need to do that as part of your app’s logic, associating your user objects with their ChatKitty user using ChatKitty usernames. You handle what users a user is allowed to see and only allow the user to start chat sessions with those users.

  1. Didn’t understand this bit.

  2. If we were to manually implement this on our app and web then a malicious agent, mallory could reverse engineer the connections and start messaging random people who are not supposed to be connected.

  3. Can this be made as a feature request?

  1. I mean storing the ChatKitty username on your user object model and using it to get the ChatKitty users for your channels.

  2. No. Not if you use authenticated user sessions.

  3. ChatKitty focuses on helping you build chat experiences. Friendships, tribes, groups, etc. are currently outside of our scope.

  1. User search and discovery is a standard feature in most chat systems that I have come across (both closed and open source). Ejabberd and xmpp has a roster based system that can be explored for your system also.

Maybe this can be done after 2-3 months?

You can already search users using both the Platform API and client SDK using display names and user names.