BUG: Typing Loader will render on other channels

Steps to reproduce:
Open another chat window under another user → type in chat room to enable typing loader, as the user who is receiving the message, switch rooms. The typing loader is still rendering even though the user is in another room.

// Starting chat session with current user
const session = kitty.startChatSession({
// Initialize Channel
// Handle received messages
onReceivedMessage: (message) => { this.setSafeState({ message }); kitty.readMessage({ message }); },
// Handle user starts typing
onTypingStarted: (user) => { this.setSafeState({ typing: user }); },
// Handle user stops typing
onTypingStopped: () => { this.setSafeState({ typing: null }); },
// Check other user’s online status
onParticipantPresenceChanged: (user) => { this.setSafeState({ otherUserStatus: user }); },

Expected Behavior:
Typing loader should only set for the channel that is active and in session.

Hey @utradea, I’m unable to replicate this on my app. Can you share some more context about what you’re experiencing? Thanks!