Admin review of chats of user (filter by user/s)

Admin review of chats of user (filter by user/s)

  1. Via dashboard.
  2. Via app - mobile or web.

You can review chat data using the ChatKitty Platform API.

Here’s a link to the ChatKitty Swagger API explorer to get you started.

A. Can admin respond in direct channel?
B. Can admin review messages of direct or private channel that he or she is not a part of?

Yes, the Platform API gives you complete control of your application’s chat data.

Yes that can solve query B.

What about query A. If 2 users (not admin) are there in a direct channel, can admin message in that channel?

  1. Also do you have a server-side-sdk for java?

Yeah, you can use the Platform API Platform API Documentation to send an admin message.

Currently, there isn’t a server-side SDK written in Java but you can call the Platform API using any Java HTTP client library.