Community Guidelines

ChatKitty Community is a positive, helpful, and inclusive community for developers and founders. At the core of our community is trust—trust that we can rely on each other, share the struggles we’re facing, and ask other members for help.

To help maintain the strength of our community, we have some rules for participating:

  • Be helpful. Our community is at its best when members help each other overcome real problems. If you have experience that another member might find valuable, please chime in!

  • Be kind. Many communities tolerate trolls. We don’t. Please treat others respectfully all of the time—especially when you disagree.

  • Respect confidentiality. Members will be more open with each other if they know their private conversations won’t be shared outside of our community. Please treat sensitive information in our forum as confidential.

  • Don’t harass. Our community is a safe space where members respect one another. We don’t tolerate harassment. This includes inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and offensive, intimidating, or inappropriate statements. Be a good human.

If you ever encounter questionable conduct in the community, please share it with us. If you see something in the forum, you can flag the post or message @aerovulpe or @AugustBK, our community managers.

We investigate every report we receive, and we take action when ChatKitty Community members don’t adhere to the rules of the community. Depending on the severity of the infringement, we may give a warning, ask a person to leave a topic, or suspend or ban a person from the community.